The world is my hotel room
Life on Prison Planet - a collection of my photos I have taken on the many trails and travails I have been upon, as well as, various notes to self. I am a man of many words, although I will share only but a few here, I wouldn't want to bore you.

Occasional musical outbursts may ensue, along with disembodied poetics and/or situationist regurgitation.

Surely it is all surreal. . . March Hares and Mad Hatters. . . curiouser and curiouser. . . eerily, eerily life is but a dream!?!?

*All photos ©Xtophe Carte, unless not otherwise stated.
Street Art by Mogul
  1. Street Art by Mogul

  1. 24 notesTimestamp: Saturday 2013/07/13 23:48:21street artMogul
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